William Fowler Collins – Enjoyed in 2013

1. 2666, book by Roberto Bolano
2. Nostalghia, Tarkovsky film
3. Ozzy Osbourne (Randy Rhoads era, specifically) live bootlegs on YouTube
4. Muslimgauze, Azzazin
5. Working on records with Aaron Turner, James Jackson Toth, Raven Chacon, Daniel Menche, Horseback
6. Man is Wolf to Man: Surviving the Gulag, book by Janusz Bardach
7. Kate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine
8. Voodoo Drums, Drummers Of The Societe Absolument Guinin
9. Arvo Pärt, Te Deum
10. I Lived to Tell It All, the George Jones autobiography


William Cody Watson – Top 10 90’s Hardcore songs I listened to in 2013

refused, “rather be dead”
catharsis, “threshold”
drowningman, “condoning the use of inhalants”
his hero is gone, “end result of 11 months in prison”
integrity, “millenial reign”
breach, “deadheads”
kiss it goodbye, “watching hellraiser”
rorschach, “pavlov’s dogs”
deadguy, “die with your mask on”
coalesce, “cowards.com”

2013-04-30 12.27.59

Omar Mashaal – Reflections in a Dirty Wok

Ghédalia Tazartès & Gol: Alpes
Gaspar Claus: Jo Ha Kyū

Joshua Burkett: Footnote(s)
Paysage d’Hiver
: Das Tor
Jacob Kirkegaard: Conversion
Arturas Bumšteinas: Head & Shoulders

Bill Orcutt: A History of Everyone
Daniel Bachman & Matthew Sage: Low in the High Desert 
: Obscure Verses For The Multiverse
Black Sun Roof: 4 Black Suns & A Sinister Rainbow

Photo on 12-26-13 at 3.55 PM #2

Dan Svizeny – Most Listened to Songs of 2013

CKYDisengage the Simulator
Strawberry SwitchbladeDance
Black MarbleA Great Design
Richie HavensHere Comes the Sun
Thin LizzyFools Gold
Weather ReportBlack Market
The CrittersYounger Girl
SparrowIsn’t It Strange
J. ColeWorkout
Evie SandsI Can’t Let Go


John Kolodij – Top 13 of 2013

Jason Isbell – Southeastern
The Necks – Open
Paul Jebanasam – Rites
Roly Porter – Life Cycle of a Massive Star
Sutekh Hexen – Become
Paysage D’hiver – Das Tor
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away
My Bloody Valentine – mbv
Death Blues
Nicholas Bullen – Component Fixations
Daniel Menche – Vilke
Locrian – Return To Annihilation


Mike Weis – Top 10 of 2013

1. Charlemagne Palestine & Z’ev – Rubhitbangklanghear Rubhitbangklangear
2. William Winnant – Five American Percussion Pieces
3. The Necks – Open
4. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away
5. Frank Rosaly – Cicada Music
6. Olivia Block – Karren
7. Locrian – Return to Annihilation
8. Mind Over Mirrors – When the Rest Are Up at Four
9. Stave – Reform
10. Gregorio, Roebke, Labycz Trio – Without Titles

Pierre Henry – Le Voyage (reissue)
Scattered Melodies: Korean Kayagu7m Sanjo from 78rpm Records
Fluxion – Vibrant Forms


Planning for Burial – Best of 2013

1.) ANY moment of time that I was not at my place of employment
2.) whiskey
3.) seeing Wreck And Reference 6x in one year.
4.) the kindness of strangers.


Padang Food Tigers’ Gonzo Guide To London Lit

Of Love And Hunger by Julian MacLaren-Ross
Hangover Square by Patrick Hamilton
Baron’s Court, All Change by Terry Taylor
A Hoxton Childhood by A.S. Jasper
Swimming To Heaven: The Lost Rivers Of London by Iain Sinclair
Come Before Christ And Murder Love by Stewart Home
Keep The Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell
The Diary Of A Nobody by George & Weedon Grossmith
Scamp by Roland Camberton
London Under by Peter Ackroyd

photo (1)

Neil Jendon – Best of 2013

TM404: S/T
Wrekmeister Harmonies: You’ve Always Meant So Much to Me
Adrian Rew: 3/31/2013 – Horseshoe Casino, Cleveland, OH
Tim Hecker: Virgins
Locrian: Return to Annihilation
Terence Hannum: Spectral Life
Bloodyminded: Within the Walls
Olivia Block: Karren
Dead Neanderthals: Body Horror
Derek Rogers/Good Willsmith: Split
Bridesmaid: Breakfast at Riffany’s
Stave: Reform
The Black Madonna: lady of Sorrows

Utech Records Music Festival was awesome. Seriously as good as it gets.

I got to play with and share the bill with so many great people this year:
Jason Soliday, Dead Dragon Mountain, Martial Cantrel, Steve Roden, John Kannenberg, Date Palms, Cinchel, Mind Over Mirrors, Death Blues, Frank Rosaly, Trevor de Brauw, Aeronaut, etc. etc.

Heart attacks suck. Lay off the shit food and eat a salad


Daniel Bachman – Top 10 of 2013

2013 was a great year full of more travel and tunes – here are some of my favorite things about the year.

1 – Bluegrass Dogs(link)
2 – Robbie Basho – Visions of the Country (Have been waiting for this guy to come back out for a while.)
3 – Hopscotch 2013 – (Pelt – Charlemagne Palestine – Sleep – Shotgunning beers in the parking lot – Getting Fleas)
4 – Setting this effigy on fire (Bishops Castle UK) (link)
5 – Ham Flavored Chips in Spain
6 – Ryley Walker – West Wind Single – Full Length out next year.
7 – EU Tour With Ryley
8 – Early Upchurch
9 – Haw – Hiss Golden Messenger – Cian Nugent and the Cosmos – Chris Forsyth Solar Motel
10 – Getting my sleeves ripped off by Paul again (Johnny Brendas Unknown Date) (link)


Andre Foisy – Top 6 of 2013

1) Volcano Choir “Repave” (Jagjagwar)
Power ballady kind of stuff that I can listen to whenever and wherever: my apartment, during one of my yoga classes, while I’m at work, whenever. Infectious.
2) True Widow “Circumambulation” (Relapse)
Some of the best songs that I’ve heard this year. Songs that don’t force you to feel anything, but that create a space for whatever it is you’re feeling at the moment to come up.
3) Insect Ark “Long Arms” (Geweih Ritual Documents)
Dark, mysterious, and beautiful. Highly listenable without compromising intensity.
4) Agarttha “A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands” (King of the Monsters)
Put this on, light some candles, and get in the zone. Doom metal, maybe, that’s not affected or corny.
5) Iggy and the Stooges “Ready to Die” (Fat Possum)
James Williamson is back and nothing can ruin that.
6) BLOODYMINDED “Within The Walls” (BloodLust!)
Not as intense as a BLOODYMINDED performance, but close.